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Imagine a Cow:

  • She will calve unassisted and on time every year
  • Her calves will be strong, aggressive, and grow well
  • She will have the ability to keep herself maintained, even on poor forage
  • She will be gentle, but still protect her calf from danger
  • She will somehow survive extremes in weather conditions, as will her calves
  • She will have a nice hair coat and stand well on her feet with no limps
  • She will be moderate framed, with sufficient guts and heart girth to process forage optimally
  • In spite of her thickness, she will still be feminine in appearance
  • Her udder will be nicely shaped and well attached, even in advanced age

Now Imagine a Bull that will produce such a cow:

  • He will be masculine, with thick neck and shoulders and good muscling
  • He will be deep, having a big heart girth and spring of ribs
  • His scrotum will hang true, with good size and shape
  • He, like his mother, will have the ability to grow and maintain himself on the available forage
  • Most of all, he will settle his cows with ease

This is the Ideal that Drives Us at OLD SCHOOL CATTLE:

  • The quest for the perfect cow
  • The quest for the perfect bull
  • Are we there yet? No
  • Will we ever be there? Sadly, No-perfection can never be attained
  • Can we make improvements in cattle with the above goals in mind? Absolutely!

Our Bulls are Developed Without Grain:

  • Our pastures are mainly endophyte infected fescue and somewhat stressed
  • If we raise bulls that look good on our place, we figure they will do excellent on yours

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